20 août 2012


Hi. I will no longer post on this blog. It's been 5 years and I'm bored with canalblog and this address. 
Thank you to everyone that supported me and my 'art'...

If you like my work, I will keep posting it on my Tumblr. Follow me here:

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27 juillet 2012


Coming soon! Check out the list of remarkable artists that are part of this visual tabloid journal La Tranchée Racine by United Dead Artists. I have the chance to be contributing inside with many of the profoundly influencial artists of mine and also to the upcoming exhibition at arts factory [ galerie nomade ] this Fall!


3 EUROS !-!


Reinhard Scheibner, Mavado Charon, Antoine Marchalot, Jérémy Boulard Le Fur, ChristianAubrun, Juliette Déjoue,
Marc Brunier-Mestas, Joko, Stéphane Prigent, Arnaud Loumeau, Lenté Chris, Johnny Ryan, Piguel Géraud, Nuvish, Shoboshobo, 
Captain Cavern, Frédéric Fleury, Jean-Christophe Menu, Charles Papier, Francesco Defourny, Tomahawk, Kaz, Camille Déjoue,
Wataru Kasahara, Pole Ka, François de Jonge, Satanik Mike, Jérôme Zonder, Céline Guichard, Ludovic Debeurme, Georganne Deen,
Christelle Enault, Tom de Pékin, Pit, Jad Fair, Helge Reumann, Guillaume Dénervaud, Diego Fermin, Tourlas Ge, Sam Rictus,
Mathieu Desjardins, Aleksandra Waliszewska, Wouter Vanhaelemeesch,Tristan des Limbes, Olivia Clavel, Martha Verschaffel,
Alice Odilon, , Anne Van Der Linden , Dewey Guyen, lulu melon sandia, Céline Le Gouail, Blanquet.


25 juin 2012

I recently made these two posters for the Panache Pitchfork afterparties at The Empty Bottle in Chicago.
The bands include 
Thee Oh SeesTy Segall, The Men, The Blind Shake and others…



12 mai 2012

A poster I did for Clacson and Thee Oh Sees concert in June.




01 avril 2012

I recently fall madly in love with Michael Deforge comix. I know I’m late, but I recently bought his Lose series and everything in there is just amazing, especially the issue number 2. I’m waiting impatiently for the next one… 
Follow him here:


18 mars 2012

08 février 2012

Hi! I'm selling prints of this Illustration called La Danse Macabre on Society6.
You can purchase it here:
I really need this financial help right now, so thank you. It'll help me keep producing
this kind of elaborate and super-detailed work.

 La Danse Macabre, 2011, India Ink+Brush on solid paper 
(On the right of the picture is to show you the scale of details in the illustration.)

Other than that, early this year, the Journal Montreal Mirror asked me to do an interview with them for their
annual Noisemakers issue. You can read it by clicking on this portrait...


Also, I've participated with the amazing collective EN MASSE last November to January 2012 for the exhibition BIG BANG at the Fine Arts Museum of Montreal. We filled up an entire room full of collective black & white paintings on the walls. Here's four pictures of the room:



You can see more beautiful pictures on the Safewalls website HERE.

nd finally, here's a comix page I tested for an upcoming project with Lelo Jimmy Batista who
is a music journalist for the magazine New Noise(in which I realized an interview recently) and also
a writter for this blog: In the end, this page doesn't have anything to
do with the final story, but I think it's interesting enough to show it here...


So, that's it for now folks!

10 novembre 2011

New Noise + DNA  

I've realized an interview recently with New Noise magazine in France,
for their last november-december 7th issue. Check out their last issues/interviews here:

newNoise7dd  newNoise7dt 

Also, heres a preview of a 10 pages comix I made with
Mr.Carlos Santos for Richard Beaulieu upcoming collective for the EXPOZINE 2011


25 août 2011

Another collaboration with my good friend Carlos Santos. More to come...


21 août 2011

Small collaboration made with Carlos Santos.
We might be doing a small comix with this character...


10 août 2011

Small and fastly done alternate cover made for
an upcoming album from Jorge Alderete's band; Sonido Gallo Negro


10 juillet 2011

Hello, how are you? Have you ever heard about LE DERNIER CRI!?
If not(???), click on the link, because theres a NEW BOOK that just came out
and I have few illustrations inside... Oh yeah, the whole book is in 3D !!!


Other than that, I just moved in a new appartement in Montréal,
but this time in Rosemont, la Petite Patrie.  I'm also working on a
recueil of new giant illustrations.

30 mai 2011


Scan versions will follow...

29 mai 2011

Work in progress... 19x24, Brush & Ink


04 mai 2011

GESTROCOCLUB N°11 (01/2011)

32 pages / Couleurs et N& B / 66 copies édité par 4ndr345 M ( avec par ordre d'apparition : Delphine Chauvet + Liquide De La Tête + 4ndr345 M4RCH4L + Benjamin LcdK+ Goulven Derrien + Julien Lauber + Aurélien Vallade + Herrschulze +George Tourlas + Anne Van Der Linden + Vincent Lozac'hmeur + Dewey Thang Nguyen + Mathieu Desjardins + Arnus + Longamagam + Alex Lecoquière + Gaiihin + PIT )



02 mai 2011


I have 5 pages inside this beautiful book:


(ku)š! #7, Forest Tales, February 2011

Cover artist: Till Hafenbrak (Germany). Comics artists: Emelie Östergren, Kolbeinn Karlsson (Sweden), Michael Jordan (Germany), Juani Ta (Romania), Michael DeForge, Duy Thang Nguyen (Canada), Derek M. Ballard, Pat Aulisio, Ansis Puriņš (USA), Jyrki Heikkinen (Finland), König Lü. Q. (Switzerland), Yoshi (Lithuania), Dace Sietiņa, Kristofers Reidzāns, Maija Līduma, Mārtiņš Zutis, Oskars Pavlovskis, Ingrīda Pičukane, Sabīne Moore, UKNO (Latvia).

Format: A6, 100 pages, full-color, stiched binding, English and partly Latvian with English subtitles.

Price: LS 1.40, $ 6.50, € 5.00 (plus shipping). Write to or buy it on ecrater. In Riga available in Galerija Istaba, MiiT, Satori Bookshop, Muhamors, Randoms, Lukabuka and in Janis Roze bookshops around Latvia.

Generously supported by: Latvian State Culture Capital Foundation, AS "Latvijas valsts meži", Mammadaba, HungryLab.


Midnight Fiction


''I mean the stories by Ansis Purins, Duy Thang Nguyen, Ukno, Maija Liduma, Derek M Ballard, Sabine Moore & Oskar Pavlovskis were the obvious stand outs and I found no fault with them, but you be the judge yourself, everyone will have their own favorites.''

For those who are living in Montréal and are interested in
buying my limited prints, numeroted and signed, Billy Mavreas gives me
the chance to sell them in his store/gallery Monastiraki - Le Petit Monastère
(5478 Blvd. St-Laurent, right infront of Ubisoft). Thank you for your support and
for those who never went to Monastiraki, it's a beautiful place where you can find lots
of interesting books, fanzines, collectives, original art, screen prints, and more!

the prints :


29 avril 2011

I had the surprise to discover 2 articles about my work on these 2 websites this week.
I just want to say thanks, it's greatly appreciated!

  The first article is on THE BEAT - Comics Culture  


The second article is more detailed and it's on Ballista Magazine:


April 2011,  I'm 19 yr old now...

24 avril 2011

A little close-up of something I'm working on. More to come...


30 mars 2011

Hello folks! This Friday, during the VERNISSAGE in the Old Port of Montréal,
I will be selling LIMITED PRINTS 19 X 12 of 10 copies NUMEROTED and SIGNED(rare stuff)
of each illustration for only 20$.

- Short informative video about The Event HERE 

The prints:


THANK YOU for your support by buying my first prints!


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